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This site is dedicated to those men and women who fell fighting for their country. Recorded here are various war memorials within a variety of counties, it is fully intended to complete as many war memorials in the United Kingdom as possible. A war memorial is a building, monument, statue, plaque or other edifice to celebrate a war or victory, or (predominating in modern times) to commemorate those who died or were injured in a war. The counties and the war memorials completed for each are listed on a separate page. Photographs have been taken of the majority of the memorials, details of the men included and their photographs where possible. All counties are based on the pre-1974 reorganisation of the political divisions in the United Kingdom. The main sections have a menu at the top of the page of sections that are available, these are on drop down lists. A site map has been provided as well.

Currently we have a huge backlog of memorials to be put on-line and edits to existing memorials ranging from the year 2016 to present; this totals around 3,500 emails. This is a voluntarily run website, one person owns and maintains this site with a few volunteers researching and transcribing memorials. Although we do try to reply to emails the volume is such that we cannot guarantee a response, sorry but there is a huge amount of emails coming in and it is just not possible.

The war memorials and rolls of honour cover a variety of Regiments, airfields and air bases as well as the memorials and cemeteries in the countries overseas where the men fell.

Much of the information has been found using the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site. To supplement this information the Soldiers Died in the Great War CD's and the Roll of Honour books all available from Naval & Military Press were also used. Other resources include the London Gazette, Local Newspapers, facts from family members and various other pieces of information from old books and magazines.

All the information here has been supplied by volunteers. If you have any information about the various items appearing here or wish to supply information then please use the feedback form. We will publish searchable databases and war memorials plus photographs accreditation being to those who own or have supplied the various content.

For those of you wanting to visit the places where these men and women are buried we have compiled a page devoted to Tour companies that specialise in this area.

Aims of this web site

This website:

  • promotes historical knowledge as a tool for peace and understanding between peoples and nations.
  • does not seek to glorify the British Empire or any form of imperialism.
  • does not seek to glorify war, or advocate war as a solution to disputes.
  • uses crown icons and other royal/imperial symbols as an historical device, and not a political statement.
  • endeavours to be as accurate as possible but sometimes is not; any entries that are erroneous will be changed in the fullness of time given notification
To search for dates of additions or updates to pages a full month with year can be inserted into the search box. So if you want to find everything updated/added in October 2021 you would insert "October 2021" the quote marks being important, for the whole of 2021 simply enter the year 2021.
The War Graves Photographic Project
Read about the launch of this project or click on the picture to go to the web site

Casualty Lists

In From The Cold - recognising those  missing from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission information Casualty Lists Spreadsheets hosted on behalf of Diane (Bardess) - compiled from casualty lists uploaded to the Great War Forum. Please click the following link to download the spreadsheet (10.1Mb) - Casualty Lists. The spreadsheet was last updated on Tuesday 28th July 2009. Hyperlinks are provided to the National Archives' Medal Index Cards and, where appropriate, the CWGC 'Debt of Honour Register'. Great work, Diane!

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This site is maintained solely by volunteers and is funded by them as private individuals. This includes the purchase of photographs, books, rolls of honour plus the running costs of the site. We have always intended to make this site free to all. If you have gained from this site then please consider making a donation through PayPal by clicking on the donation button. Thank you.

If you would like to donate but not on-line then cheques can be made payable to, and sent to:

Martin Edwards
88 Laurel Walk
MK42 7NT

Click here for British War Memorial Project - click here for more information Click here for a link to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site

Naval and Military Press

The Naval & Military Press offer specialist books and ground breaking CD-ROMs for the serious student of conflict. Their hand picked range of books covers the whole spectrum of military history with titles on uniforms, battles, official and regimental histories, specialist works containing medal rolls and casualties lists as well as titles for genealogists, medal collectors and researchers. The innovative approach they have to military bookselling and their commitment to publishing have made them Britain’s leading independent military bookseller.

Query Policy

  • Due to the lask of resource it is not always possible for us to reply to emails, especially research of individuals. We are not a full-time organisation with staff, we are amateurs trying to collate as much information as we can. As such we research memorials as and when we can. The volume of emails received precludes us from answering all but we do try.
  • For Military Family History Research information and resources there is a page to help you.
  • Occasionally people are looking, for a variety of reasons, for various families of those who died in conflict. The latest requests are held on the Information Requests page.
  • Some photographs have been supplied but the subjects are unknown - do you know any of these?

Want to help

We are always looking for volunteers to help. All information included on the site is accredited to the person who worked on it. You need help with transciptions, research and photographs.

Contact the site owner, Martin Edwards, if you are interested in helping. There is a Word Template available for those who wish to you use it to transcribe. If you left click on the link (not right) it will load into Word and you can save it into your templates folder as a base for new transcription documents.


Currently we have a huge backlog of around 10,000+ emails to get through containing new memorials and amendments. As we are volunteers we can only devote so much of our spare time to this so please bear with us. Although we do try to reply to emails the volume is such that we cannot guarantee a response, sorry but there is a huge amount of emails coming in and it is just not possible.

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