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World War 1 & 2 - Detailed Information
Compiled and Copyright ©Michael Peck 2017

There are three memorials within St Andrew's church, Framingham Pigot, Norfolk. The first is a white marble plaque with a white cross on a marbled backing containing the names ofr four men who died in World War 1. The second is a printed list of names for World War 2 in a wooden frame. The third is a combined list of the World War 1 and 2 names in a glazed, wooden, frame.

Photographs Copyright © Michael Peck 2017

1914 to 1918

Sergeant, Suffolk Regiment.
Victor Joseph J Bellward. Sergeant 14503. 8th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment (Soldiers Effects has Depot, Suffolk Regiment). Died Temporary Military Hospital, Wadsley, YKS 10th August 1917, aged 30 years. Son of William and Harriet Bellward. Born Geldeston, Norfolk and enlisted Lowestoft, SFK. Commemorated Geldeston (St Michael) Churchyard.
Sapper, Royal Engineers.
Sapper 84667. 206th Field Company, Royal Engineers. Killed in action 27th August 1916. Son of Henry and Elizabeth Gaff. ‘Soldiers Effects’ has Guardian as Grandmother Emma Pigney (wife of Herbert Pigney) of Garden House, Geldeston, Norfolk. Born 2nd March 1882 Barford, Norfolk, enlisted Lowestoft, SFK and resident Geldeston, Norfolk. Commemorated Cambrin Churchyard Extension. Q.29.
Commander, Royal Navy.
Henry Thomas Gartside-Tipping. Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy. HM Yacht ‘Sandra’. Died 25th September 1915, aged 67 years. Son of Gartside and Jane Margaret Gartside-Tipping of Rossferry, Belturbet, Co Fermanagh, IRL. Husband of Mary Jane Pilkington Stuart Gartside-Tipping (nee Flynn, although registers at marriage as Mary Stuart Pilkington. Shot dead by deranged French soldier 1917) of Quarre Wood, Binstead, Isle of Wight. Commemorated Nieuport Memorial
Private, Norfolk Regiment.
Rifleman 52307. 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, formerly 32629 Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 2nd October 1918. Husband of Elizabeth A Hilling of Bungay Road, Geldeston, Norfolk. Born Beccles, SFK and enlisted Norwich, Norfolk. Commemorated Dadizeele New British Cemetery. IV.D.36.
[Appears to be Alfred Hilling, born 1880 Blyford, SFK the son of William and Anna Maria Hilling. Marries Elizabeth Ann Howlett 1910 but unproven]
KEMP Albert James
Private, Norfolk Regiment.
Private 200966. 4th Battalion, Norfolk Regiment. Killed in action Palestine 27th March 1917. Son of James and Martha Kemp of Geldeston, Norfolk. Born 1894 Aldeby and enlisted Norwich, Norfolk. Commemorated Gaza War Cemetery. I.A.5.
KERRICH Henry Latham
Captain, Sherwood Foresters.
Lieutenant. 3rd Battalion, Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) as CWGC and SDGW, Temporary Captain attached B Company, 2/6th Bn, Sherwood Foresters on other sources. Died of wounds 27th September 1917. Son of John Dalzell and Mary Kerrich of Florida, Transvaal, South Africa (as CWGC, of The Gables, Middelburg, Transvaal in other sources) and Geldeston Hall, Norfolk. Born 17th March 1896 Jamaica. Commemorated Wieltje Farm Cemetery. A.20.
PACKE Robert Christopher
Flight Lieutenant, Royal Naval Air Service.
Lieutenant, Royal Air Force. Royal Air Force Station Great Yarmouth, previously Royal Naval Air Sevice station. Killed when Sopwith Camel aircraft ditched in sea 21st June 1918. Son of Vere and Winifred Packe of Geldeston Hall, Norfolk and Sulivan House, Stanley, Falkland Islands. Born 17th January 1899 Sulivan House. Commemorated Hollybrook Memorial.
Chief Engineer, Royal Naval Reserve.
William John Plummer. Engineman 6592/TS, Royal Naval Reserve. HM Drifter ‘County of Nairn’. Died of influenza Royal Naval Sick Quarters, Dover 4th December 1918. Son of William and Mary Elizabeth Plummer of Geldeston, Norfolk. Born 20th January 1899 Mettingham, SFK. Commemorated Geldeston (St Michael) Churchyard.
Note not on memorial:
Henry William Plummer. Skipper, Royal Naval Reserve. Died 2nd November 1918. HM Trawler ‘Freesia’. Son of William and Mary Elizabeth Plummer of Geldeston, Norfolk. Husband of Alice Mary Plummer (nee Rumsby) of 84 Grove Road, Beccles, SFK. Born 3rd February 1885 Mettingham, SFK. Commemorated Cobh Old Church Cemetery. B.16.7.
Private, Norfolk Regiment.
Albert Victor Thrower. Private 39262. 33rd Company, Machine Gun Corps (Infantry). Died of gunshot wounds 8th November 1916. Son of James Arthur and Phoebe Elizabeth Thrower of 12, Row 34, North Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Born 1897 Great Yarmouth and enlists 14th February 1914 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk (enlists as 7695 3rd Battalion, Norfolk Regiment, transferred to 10th Battalion Border Regiment 5th November 1915 and transferred to Machine Gun Corps 3rd March 1916). Commemorated Boulogne Eastern Cemetery. VIII.D.168.
BLAZA Ernest A
Lance Corporal, Royal Norfolk Regiment.
Lance Corporal 5778938. 8th Battalion, Manchester Regiment. Died 7th July 1944. Son of George and Edith Blaza (nee Smith). Husband of Queenie May Blaza (nee Bensley) of Geldeston, Norfolk. Born 1920. Commemorated Arrezzo War Cemetery. IVF.27.
CLARK Anthony Gordon
Flight Lieutenant, Royal Air Force.
Colin Anthony Gordon Clark. Flight Lieutenant 42192, Royal Air Force. 137 Squadron. Died 30th October 1941, aged 28 years. Son of Colin and Vera Clark of Johannesburg, South Africa. Nephew of Ina Dowson of Geldeston, Norfolk. Commemorated Geldeston (St Michael) Churchyard.
[Note: was flying Westland Whirlwind fighter P7091. Ditched in sea, believed rescued but died of injuries]
COOK Stanley
Sergeant, Royal Norfolk Regiment.
Stanley William Cook. Lance Sergeant 5773761. 1st Battalion, Royal Norfolk Regiment. Died 14th October 1944. Son of Thomas William and May Annie Cook (nee Hall) of Lowestoft, SFK. Born 1919 Suffolk (as army record, place unspecified). Army record has address of ‘Sunny Meade’, Geldeston, Norfolk. Commemorated Overloon War Cemetery. III.B12.
Royal Navy.
Seaman LT/JX181796, Royal Naval Patrol Service. HM Trawler ‘Myrtle’. Died 14th June 1940. Son of George and Edith Gower. Husband of Mildred Mary Gower (nee Forsdick) of Geldeston, Norfolk. Born 27th January 1902 Kirby Cane, Norfolk. Commemorated Lowestoft Naval Memorial. Panel 2. Column 2.
Private, Royal Sussex Regiment.
Private 6398442. 2nd Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment. Died 30th May 1940, aged 20 years. Parentage unproven. Born and resident London. Commemorated Geldeston (St Michael) Churchyard.

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