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The ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) Memorial can be found at 9-12 Palm Court Hotel, North Drive, Great Yarmouth. Sefton House stood on North Drive and was being used as a billet by the ATS when on 11 May 1943 it was bombed leading to the deaths of the 26 ATS members. Gorleston ROC post made a sound only report identifying the incoming FW's about a minute before the attack. Caister ROC post gave the alarm to Gt Yarmouth Police and the crash alarm was sounded only a few seconds after the first bombs fell. The raid was a daylight low-level attack by 18 Focke-Wulf 190s, of II/SKG.10, on the Gt Yarmouth area at 0845 hours on 11 May 1943. This was a frontal attack out of the sun and early morning mist. The raiders followed a reverse course of that taken by an earlier raid on 7 May, crossing in flying West just North of Britannia Pier and attacking the North part of Gt Yarmouth, exiting over the Winterton area. A squad of about 30 ATS girls had been exercising that morning and had just marched back to their billet when it received a direct hit from an HE (High Explosive) bomb. The Burlington Palm hotel now stands on the site of Sefton House and the memorial was placed on the 11 May 1994. The Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) was the women's branch of the British Army during the Second World War. It was formed on 9 September 1938, initially as a women's voluntary service, and existed until 1 February 1949, when it was merged into the Women's Royal Army Corps.

Extract from Dundee Courier - Wednesday 12 May 1943, page 3:

Two Raiders Destroyed

Several hours after an A.T.S. hostel in an East-Anglian coast town had been razed by a hit-and-run raider's bomb, search parties were last night still digging for victims among the ruins.

Bodies of eleven girls were recovered soon after rescue squads—among them soldiers—had raced to the scene. Others were extricated later.

Two of the fighter-bombers which sneaked in from the sea haze with a strong sun behind them were destroyed one by intercepting Mustangs, the other by A.A. gunners. Several more were damaged. Manyhomes were wrecked in the brief attack, and searchers found the bodies of five civilians. Another victim died later.

German news agency said last night:— "A group of fast German bombers at nine o'clock to-day made a low level attack on important military installations at Great Yarmouth. Heavy bombs caused great havoc and several fires."

Photographs Copyright © Colin Glendinning 2019

Sefton House ATS memorial


BELL Bernadette
Private W/157912 aged 22, Wife of John Bell, daughter of Albert and Margaret Hurley. Buried in MOSTON (ST. JOSEPH'S) ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY St. John Bosco, Lancashire. Sec. Grave 344.
[Listed as Molly on CWGC] Lance Corporal W/118566 ages 21, Daughter of William Raynor Carter and Rosamond Carter, of Sheffield. Buried in SHEFFIELD (HANDSWORTH NEW) CEMETERY. Sec. B. Grave 397.
Private W/152132 aged 21, Daughter of Alban Ernest and Kittie Copley, of Aston. Buried in ASTON-CUM-AUGHTON CEMETERY, Yorkshire. Grave 678.
Private W/157028 aged 22, Daughter of Albert and Margaret Farnes, of Stockton-on-Tees. Buried in STOCKTON-ON-TEES (OXBRIDGE LANE) CEMETERY. Sec. H. R. C. Row D. Grave 36.
FAWKES Dorothy Ann
Private W/91160 aged 26, Daughter of Joseph and Sarah Jane Fawkes, of Hexham. Buried in CORSENSIDE (ST. CUTHBERT) CHURCHYARD, Northumberland. North of chancel.
Corporal W/121432 aged 23, Daughter of James and Margaret Galbraith, of New Mills, Derbyshire. Buried in CAISTER OLD CEMETERY, Norfolk. Sec. M. Grave 474.
GAUNT Kathleen
Private W/189807 aged 20, Daughter of Harry and Mary Elizabeth Gaunt, of Bingley. Buried in BINGLEY CEMETERY, Yorkshire. Sec. C.C. Row 10. Grave 71.
Private W/206615 aged 19, Daughter of Mrs. E. Cook, of Great Yarmouth. Buried in CAISTER OLD CEMETERY, Norfolk. Sec. M. Grave 533.
HUNT Eileen
Lance Corporal W/180944 aged 21, Daughter of Samuel William and Florence Annie Hunt, of Besthorpe. Buried in BESTHORPE (HOLY TRINITY) CHURCHYARD, Nottinghamshire.
JAMES Norah Isabel
[Listed as Nora on CWGC] Private W/119369 aged 24, Daughter of Francis and Sarah Annie James, of Rolleston. Buried in ROLLESTON (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD. West of church, Staffordshire.
Private W/113897 aged 20, Daughter of William and Caroline Johnson, of Louth Lincolnshire; niece of Miss R. Johnson, of Louth. Buried in CAISTER OLD CEMETERY, Norfolk. Sec. M. Grave 518.
LEWIS Jessica Margaret
Private W/128285 aged 22, Daughter of Philip Roland and Beatrice Maud Lewis, of Boscombe, Bournemouth. Buried in BOURNEMOUTH EAST CEMETERY. Plot D. Row 4. Grave 55.
LINE Enid Gertrude
Corporal W/150659 aged 23, Daughter of Fred and Emily Ethel Line, of Crouch End, Middlesex. Buried in NEW SOUTHGATE CEMETERY. Hertfordshire. Sec. K. Grave 1126.
MACKAY Elizabeth
Private W/64368 aged 27, Daughter of Donald and Joan Mackay, of Rarichie. Buried in CHAPELHILL CEMETERY. Ross and Cromarty. Sec. F. Grave 9.
Lance Corporal W/171933 aged 23, Daughter of Angus and Mary A. Macleod, of Stornoway. Buried in EYE CEMETERY (OR AIGNISH BURIAL GROUND), ISLE OF LEWIS. Sec. D. Grave 43.
Private W/154541 aged 22, Daughter of William and Minnie Renolds Mann, of Beeston Hill Leeds. LEEDS (HOLBECK) CEMETERY. Grave 8526.
Private W/216628 aged 22, Daughter of Mabel Winifred Maxwell, of South Gosforth, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Buried in GOSFORTH (ST. NICHOLAS) CHURCHYARD. Sec. F. Grave 97.
Private W/240452 aged 31, Daughter of Thomas and Agnes McAulay; Niece of Mary H. Redden, of Germiston, Glasgow. Buried in GREAT YARMOUTH ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY, Norfolk.
Private W/113978 aged 24, Daughter of Rowland and Mabel Moore, of Grimsby. Buried in GRIMSBY (SCARTHO ROAD) CEMETERY, Lincolnshire. Sec. 116. Row L. Grave 10.
Private W/38649 aged 25, Daughter of Richard and Lila R. Pearson, of Grimsby. Buried in GRIMSBY (SCARTHO ROAD) CEMETERY, Lincolnshire. Sec. 116. Row J. Grave 10.
Private W/121454 aged 21, Daughter of John and Williaminnie Lorimer Scougall, of Edinburgh. Buried in EDINBURGH (MORNINGSIDE) CEMETERY. Sec. C. Grave 580.
[Listed as SHARP onCWGC] Private W/178338 aged 21, Daughter of Stanley and Fanny Louisa Marguerite Sharp, of Hessle. Buried in HESSLE CEMETERY, Yorkshire. Comp. 32. Plot 13. Grave 6.
SUTTON Marjorie
Private W/129269, of Fulstow, Lincs, aged 20. Daughter of John and Alice Sutton of Fulstow, Lincolnshire. Resident Whitfield House, North Drive, Great Yarmouth. Buried in CAISTER OLD CEMETERY, Norfolk. Section M. Grave 541. See also Fulstow, Lincolnshire
Private W/113878 aged 21, Daughter of John and Lucy Anna Travers, of Northampton. Buried in GREAT YARMOUTH ROMAN CATHOLIC CEMETERY, Norfolk.

Sergeant W/18246 aged 23, Wife of Wilfred Wells, of Hunslet Carr, Leeds, Yorkshire. Buried in CAISTER OLD CEMETERY, Norfolk. Sec. M. Grave 555. See also Fulstow, Lincolnshire

Private W/35004 aged 28, Daughter of Alfred and Jessie Wimbush, of Doncaster, Yorkshire. Buried in CAISTER OLD CEMETERY, Norfolk. Sec. M. Grave 569.

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