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World War 1 & 2 - Roll of Honour with detailed information
Compiled and copyright © 2000 Lynda Smith

This memorial stands just inside the churchyard, by the entrance gate, of the “new” church of St Mary the Virgin, High Street, Clophill. IUt takes the form of a polished, red granite, obelisk, on a stepped plinth, on a square concrete base, with the inscription on the 6 o'clock and 3 o'clock faces in lead letters painted black. It was made by Messrs Peacock of Bedford. It was dedicated by Reverend C.L. Matthews and unveiled by A.H. Tanqueray J.P., Chairman of the Memorial Committee, and Colonel Skipwith C.M.G. July 1920. There are 24 names for World War 1 and 6 names for World War 2.

Extract from Bedfordshire Times and Independent - Friday 23 July 1920, page 2:


Clophill does not mean to let the memory its men who fell in the war fade with the present generation. A Committee consisting of the Rector Mr. A. H. Tanqueray. J P., (chairman and treasurer). Miss Seabrook. Messrs. J. Maddams, F. H. Rohinson, J. Bone, W. E. Seabrook. A. G. Dunham, W. M. Dawson, J. H. Smith, J. Gobey, S. Barrow, and H. Cunnington (secretary) have for some time been working on the memorial scheme. Subscriptions amounted to upwards of £150. The type of memorial chosen is very fitting, and has suited all tastes. It is a beautiful polished granite obelisk, with a substantial Portland base, and was supplied by Messrs. Peacock and Co., of Bedford. The obelisk stands in a prominent position at the entrance to the Parish Church, and bears the following inscription in raised red letters on the front: “In honoured memory of J. Bone. E. Digging, H. Digging. J. Doggett, E. Eddy, P. Eddy, A. Gardner. C. Gudgin. B. Harris. E. Herbert. T. Izzard, J. Lomas, G. Maddams. H. Quenby. C. Roberts, S. Sharman, C. W. Smith, A. Webb, B. Webb, H. White, G. Wilden, J. Wilden, S. Young, and E. Young, who went from Clophill and gave their lives for King and country in the great war, 1914-1919. Their name liveth for ever more.” On the side facing the pathway to the Church are the words: "This memorial was erected by the parishioners of Clophill in deepest gratitude to the brave men who have fallen, and with sincere sympathy for those who are left to mourn their loss." Great assistance was given in the scheme by the late Rector (the Rev. C. L. Matthews), who asked to dedicate the memorial. The ceremony took place on July 14th, and was preceded by a short but beautiful service in the Parish Church. Every available seat was occupied, and more than a hundred had to be accommodated in the gallery. Before the service, the organist played, “O rest in the Lord." The service opened with the singing of "On the Resurrection morning" and the 23rd Psalm, and concluded with the hymn, “O God our help in ages past." The trio of ex-Chaplains (the Rector, the late Rector, and the Rev. H. H. Beresford then proceeded down the Aisle followed by Mr. A. H. Tanquerey, and the ex-service men, marshalled by Captain Rothwell. These formed a cordon round the obelisk. A notable figure was Colour- Sergt. H. Ashley, proudly wearing his old scarlet of the 3rd Bedford Volunteers. An enclosure had been reserved for the relatives of the fallen and the ex-service men.

At the unveiling ceremony, Mr. A. H. Tanqueray said they had welcome home those who had returned. Alas! there were others who had gone out to fight for us and our Allies, in all the pride of youth and strength, but by God’s good will did not return. Their bodies rested overseas, but in spirit they were with them at the fete last summer, arid now at this ceremony it was but fitting to pay a tribute to their glorious sacrifice. The Committee thought it would be fitting to invite one whom they all knew and esteemed, who lived among them for some years, and had borne no small part in the long struggle overseas, to perform the ceremony of dedication and invited Colonel Skipwith, C.M.G., unveil the memorial.

Colonel Skipwith, C.M.G., who saw considerable active service with the Warwickshires, said that when war was ruthlessly forced upon us by Germany, the men of Clophill, who had previously lived a peaceful country life went out fight in the most gigantic and terrible struggle the world had ever known, and to face horrors which those who had not been to the front could not possibly imagine. How they acquitted themselves would stand in history. By their self-sacrifice they were instrumental in removing that menace which had been steadily growing and over-shadowing the peace of Europe, and ever becoming a menace to our very existence as a country. They fought and died heroes for the glory of old England, and the loyalty of anxious ones at home was fitting background to the glorious heroism of those fighting in the line. It was the duty of the living to those who were now dead to see that Germany never again attained position in which she could threaten the peace of the World.

The thanks of the congregation to Colonel Skipwith were expressed by Mr. Cunnington, who mentioned that of the 24 names recorded on the memorial 20 were those of his old scholars. The dedication was performed by the Rev. C. L. Matthews, with the words, "To the great glory of God, and memory of our glorious dead we dedicate this monument. For them we pray that they may rest in peace, and that light everlasting may shine upon them, and for ourselves that we, like them, may be enabled to do our duty even to the end. In the name the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” The late Rector said that all who remembered these men for the good fellows they were should find in the memorial a message to look upwards, and smile through their tears—smile with a great pride that, thank God, their men did not fail, but answered the call even though it cost them everything they had. They gave their lives for a better England, a better world, even a better Germany, and had left a sacred trust that that work should not be allowed rest until it was finished The greatest things in the world were not, and the greatest happiness did not come from wealth or possessions, or position, good as those things were, but through the possession of that brotherhood and comradeship, which was so wonderful a characteristic of the armies in the field.

The names of the fallen were then called out by the Rector, and as each name was read relatives came forward and laid floral tributes round the memorial, and before the list was completed, the base of the memorial was hidden by a wealth of flowers. A representative party of school children placed flowers there in honour of the old boys of the school. There was special wreath from the ex-service men of the parish, and two of the wreaths were made Mrs Cunnington and Miss Fennemore, of single flowers brought by all the children in the schools.

After the singing “Abide with me” the Last Post was sounded by Mr Henman, and a very touching ceremony terminated A collection was afterwards made, which realised £14 2s. 6d. The Committee have been able to defray all expenses.


Pte. 6487. 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Monday 9 November 1914. Age 35. Born Lower Caldicote. Resided and enlisted Biggleswade. Son of James & Emma Bone of Victoria Road, Shefford. Native of Northill, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on Tyne Cot Cemetery, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Ref. XLIV.B.2
Ernest George
Pte. 23332. 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Friday 23 August 1918. Age 27. Born Clophill. Enlisted Ampthill. Son of Mr. Mrs. C. Diggins, of Hall End, Maulden, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont, Somme, France. Ref. IV.F.29
Henry Thomas
Pte. 23246. 4th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Monday 13 November 1916. Age 19. Born Clophill. Enlisted Ampthill. Son of Charles & Mary Ann Diggins of Hall End, Maulden. Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Somme. Pier & Face 2C.
Pte 28771. 18th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys. Regiment). Died 7 March 1916. Born Clophill. Enlisted Ilkeston, Derbyshire. Resided Langley, Derbyshire. Commemorated on Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey. Ref. Q177215.
Pte. 4546. 5th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Died Friday 24 December 1915. Enlisted Bedford. Son of Frank Eddy of Back Street, Clophill, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on Portianos Military Cemetery, Lemnos, Greece. Ref. II.B.364
Pte. 8083. 2nd (City of London) Battalion Royal Fusiliers. (Formerly 4862 5th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment). Died of wounds Saturday 30 September 1916. Age 19. Enlisted Bedford. Son of Daniel and the late Priscilla Eddy of Back Street, Clophill, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, Somme, France. Ref. I.K.30
Arthur William
Pte M2/177061. 338th M.T. Company. Royal Army Service Corps. Died Thursday 10 April 1919. Age 32. Son of William & Eliza Gardner, husband of Mrs. D. Gardner of Collyweston Road, Easton, Stamford, Northants. Born at Clophill, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on Chela Kula Military Cemetery, Nish, Yugoslavia. Ref. E.7
Corporal 23372. 4th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Monday 13 November 1916. Age 19. Born Clophill. Enlisted Ampthill. Son of John & Alice Gudgin of Clophill. Commemorated on Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel, Somme, France. Ref. IV.E.36
Pte. 29650 13th Battalion Alexandra, Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment). (Formerly 30815 Notts & Derbys Reg.). Killed in action 26 July 1917. Born Clophill. Resided Burntwood, Staffs. Enlisted Litchfield. Commemorated on Fins New British Cemetery, Sorel-le-Grand, Somme, France. Ref. I.E.17
Pte. 33117. 6th Battalion Leicestershire Reg. (Formerly 7775 Bedfordshire Regiment) Died of wounds Sunday 31 March 1918. Age 23. Born Clophill. Enlisted Bedford. Son of George & Elizabeth Herbert of Back Street, Clophill, Ampthill, beds. Commemorated on Le Cateau Military Cemetery, Nord, France. Ref. I.A.10
Pte. 60168. 32nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers, City of London Regiment (Formerly 6485 Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Sunday 14 January 1917. Age 37. Born Clophill. Enlisted Bedford. Son of Mrs E. Izzard of Jacques Lane, Clophill. Commemorated on Lyssenthoek Military Cemetery, Poperinge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Ref. X.D.20
Pte. 200626. 5th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Friday 27 July 1917. Born and resided Clophill. Son of Mrs S.A. Lomas, of Clophill. Commemorated on Jerusalem Memorial, Israel. Ref. Panel 17.
John George Chapman
Pte 7545. 22nd Battalion London (County of London) (The Queen’s) Regiment. (Formerly 4650. 3/12th London Regiment) Died of wounds Tuesday 10 October 1916. Aged 19. Born Clophill. Resided Ampthill. Enlisted Bedford. eldest son of John and Maria Caroline Maddams of Brickwall Farm, Clophill. Commemorated on Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France. Ref. III.F.25
Harry Horace
(QUEENBY on Soldiers Died) Pte. S/827. 2nd Battalion The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment.) Died of wounds Saturday 23 January 1915. Age 44. Born Clophill. Resided Bedford. Enlisted Hendon Middx. Son of James Liles Quenby & Harriet Eleanor Quenby of Clophill, Bedfordshire. Commemorated on Lincoln (Newport) Cemetery, Lincolnshire. Ref. D.104
Pte. 41465. 10th Battalion Essex Regiment. (Formerly 27132. Northants Regiment). Killed in action 23 March 1918. Born Clophill. Enlisted and resided Bedford. Commemorated on Poziers Memorial, Somme, France. Panel 51 & 52.
Pte 203288. 7th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Monday 22 October 1917. Born and resided Clophill. Enlisted Bedford. Commemorated on Cement House Cemetery, Langemark-Poelkapelle, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Ref. II.C.6
Cyril William
Pte. 276526. 1st/6th Battalion Essex Regiment. (Formerly 6220 Bedfordshire Regiment) Died Friday 22 November 1918. Age 29. Resided Clophill. Enlisted Bedford. Son of Henry & Elizabeth Smith of High Street, Clophill. Commemorated on Beirut War Cemetery, Lebanese Republic. Ref. 186
Pte. 23751. 2nd Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Wednesday 23 October 1918. Age 29. Born and resided Clophill. Enlisted Ampthill. Son of Mr. Mrs. H. Webb, of Wood House, Beadlow, Shefford. Commemorated on Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau, Nord, France. Ref. I.A.3.
Herbert Charles
Pte. 23189. 4th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment. Killed in action Monday 13 November 1916. Age 23. Born Clophill. Resided Beadlow. Enlisted Bedford. Son of Henry & Sarah Webb of Beadlow, Shefford. Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France. Ref. Pier & Face 2C.
Pte. G/14876. 13th Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment. Killed in action 21 October 1916. Born Clophill. Enlisted Bedford. Commemorated on Thiepval Memorial, Somme, France. Ref. Pier & face 7C
Air Mechanic 3rd Class 81092. 23rd Wing RAF transferred to (543587) 477th Agricultural Company, Labour Corps. Died: Thursday 13 February 1919. Age 29. Son of Frederick & Sarah Wilden, husband of Amy Wilden of 168 Castle Road, Bedford. Born at Clophill. Commemorated on Clophill (St Mary) Old Churchyard, beds. In North East part.
Pte. 47637. 12th Battalion Suffolk Regiment. (Formerly 31313 Bedfordshire Regiment). Died of wounds Sunday 24 March 1918. Age 24. Born Clophill. Enlisted Kettering. Husband of Alice Caroline Almond (formerly Wilden) of Manor House, Helpringham, Sleaford. Native of Clophill. Commemorated on Bac-du-Sud British Cemetery, Bailleulval, Pas de Calais, France. Ref. I.C.7
Ordinary Seaman J/81852. HMS Africa RN. Died Monday 16 September 1918. Age 36. Son of William and Hannah Young. Husband of Elsie Maud Young, of Riverdene, Clophill. Commemorated on Freetown (King Tom) Cemetery, Sierra Leone. Ref. I.C.14
Lance Corporal 16740 2nd Regiment South African Infantry. Died Friday 19 July 1918. Age25. Son of George & Elizabeth Ann Young of Ketton Cottage, High Street, Clophill. Commemorated on Meteren Military Cemetery, Nord, France. Ref. III.J.818

IN THE GREAT WAR 1914 - 1919


1939 - 1945

Ordinary Seaman P/JX 217628. HMS Victory RN. Died Thursday 17 April 1941. Age 21. Son of Herbert & Sarah Ann Harris of Clophill. Commemorated on Clophill (St Mary) Churchyard extension. Ref. Grave 4.
Thomas William
Pte. 5831787. 2nd Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment. Died Saturday 14 February 1942. Age 26. Son of Ernest & Mary Harris, Husband of A.M. Harris of Maulden. Commemorated on Singapore Memorial. Column 59.
Ernest Albert George
Pte. 5953265. 1st Battalion The Hertfordshire Regiment; Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment. Died Tuesday 25 November 1941. Age 25. Son of Ernest William & Ada Elizabeth Lincoln of Clophill. Commemorated on Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, Libya. Ref. 3.A.13
Sydney Levi
Pte. 5954588. 4th Battalion The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment). Died Thursday 24th April 1941. Age 21. Son of Mr. Mrs. E.A. Matthews of Clophill. Commemorated on Pembroke Military Cemetery, Malta. Grave 6.5.6.
Pte. 1793550. South Wales Borderers. Died Sunday 19 August 1945. Age 23. Son of Edwin & Laura Street, husband of Nellie Margaret Street of Clophill. Commemorated on Hamburg Cemetery, Germany. Ref. 3A.H.5
Ernest Arthur
Pte. 5825717. 1st Battalion Suffolk Regiment. Died Friday 31 May 1940 Age 26. Son of Levi Walter and Violet Annie Webb of Maulden. Commemorated on Wulpen Churchyard, Jabbeke, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Row A. Grave 4.

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