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Throughout Hertfordshire there are various memorials and rolls of honour dedicated to those men and women who fell in various wars. These memorials and rolls cover many centuries in some cases, most World War One and Two.

During any conflict there are certain acts of bravery or defiance that are noticeable above others. For these acts citations and medals have been awarded.

If anybody has information for those of the Second World War, Boer War, or the like similar to those supplied for the First World War then I would gladly post these as well.

The other source of information is photographs andd there are several that have been supplied without details - do you know who they are?

Please Note: Every attempt has been made to transcribe this information accurately but there are occasions that the information supplied is incorrect or errors occur during transcription. We do not wish to cause offence to any families of the men detailed here and will change the relevant information when informed.

Also note that places detailed on these memorials may appear in the wrong county. This information has been transcribed from the records given and, as the men were parochial, the information supplied at enlistment was the view of the men and the county they thought they resided in.

Throughout Hertfordshireshire there are memorials to be found that reveal the men and women who have served and fallen in various wars or of the various military units that have served from within the bounds of this area. These pages have been dedicated to recording these memorials.

Tribute must be paid to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission from whose records it has been possible to detail much of this information.

Fairly uniquely there are ten street memorials in the Abbey parish of St. Albans that commemorate the dead of the First World War who lived in those streets. Wall plaques record the names of more than 100 men, including nine pairs of brothers, who from the small group of homes that surrounded the Abbey left to fight for King and Country and never returned. These are documented in the book "THE STREET MEMORIALS OF ST ALBANS ABBEY PARISH" by Alice Goodman published by St Alban's and Hertfordshire Architectural and Archaeological Society 1987 ISBN 0 901194 08 5




For those of you with an interest in the World War 1 there is The British Army in the Great War, World War 1 - Trenches on the Web, the Regimental Warpath and the Cambridgeshire branch of the Western Front Association. Cliff Brown, Chairman of the Cambridgeshire branch of the WFA, Dave Edwards, Lynda Smith and Phil Cume have generously added detail to the names recorded for many of these memorials giving details of those who died. These names are all taken from the main local war memorial (i.e. the town or village memorial). Some extra names are added on the end when they crop up elsewhere in the town/village, such as someone buried in the cemetery.

For further reading when researching World War 1 relatives then there is a book published by the Federation of Family History Societies for family Historians entitled "World War I Army Ancestry - Third Edition" by Norman Holding ISBN 1 86006 056 2.

Kitchener PosterThese pages are available for transcripts of these memorials and rolls of honour. If you have a transcription of, or you are willing to transcribe, a Hertfordshire memorial or roll of honour for these pages then please contact me, the email address is below.

Current acknowledgements for assistance with these pages must go to Lynda Smith, Christopher Comber, Carolynn Langley, Claire Langley, Rosalyn Knight, David Goble, Alan Cooper, Gordon Gliby, Robert Dye, Janet Graves, Andy Pay, Martin Hagger, Vernon Masterman and many others - thank you all.

Thank you,
Martin Edwards

The various memorials and cemeteries maintained by the War Graves Commission for the Western Front are described and pictured on the Internet. Details of Kranji War Cemetery and Taiping can be found in the Overseas section.

Some of the cap badges are laid out, on a separate page.

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This section contains various news reports and cuttings, old and new, with reference to the memorials in and around Huntingdonshire. To view the section please click here.

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World War 1 & 2 -Hertfordshire

Pre-1914 - Memorial

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To gain an overview of all the towns and parishes covered, and hopefully to be covered, by this site there is an alphabetical index.

World War 1 & 2 Hertfordshire
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Berkhamstead St Peter Boer War | Hertford Boer War | St Albans Abbey Memorials

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Kimpton War Memorial


Chris Reynolds has some interesting details on his web site that may be of use to those looking at military history for Hertfordshire.

In 1999, The Dacorum Heritage Trust mounted a major exhibition focusing on local soldiers who served in the First World War. In preparation for the exhibition, they gathered material (including photographs) from local families whose relatives had served during the conflict. They also began to compile a database of all soldiers in the Borough whose names appear on the war memorials. They used sources such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, local newspapers and family testimony. The results of their toils can be found on-line.

Stevenage at War website

A superb reference site for the Stevenage area is


The Maple Leaf Legacy Project
A Millennium Project in Remembrance of Canada's War Dead

War Memorials Trust

Friends of War Memorials is a charity dedicated to promoting awareness of the debt we owe to those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom, by ensuring that their memorials are properly maintained and preserved.

Learn about the

During World War 1 many places were utilised for the war effort,
here the council schoool at Royston is turned into a Soldiers' Hospital.

Haileybury College, Hertfordshire

The Haileybury College website :- has a section entitled roll-of-honour containing details of 1400+ old boys lost in the various wars and campaigns from the 1st Afghan war to the Indonesian Confrontation including 17 Victoria Crosses (VC) & 3 George Crosses (GC).

Much information about soldiers who fell, were awarded medals and more is to be found in old copies of the London Gazette. Here is a brief resume:

The London Gazette, first published in 1665, is the oldest, continuously published newspaper in the United Kingdom and probably the world. The London Gazette and its sister publications, the Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes, have a unique position in British publishing. They are official newspapers of the Crown. The London Gazette contains a wide range of office notices including State, Parliamentary and Ecclesiastical notices, Transport and Planning notices as well as Corporate and Personal Insolvency notices to name a few. In addition, a number of Supplements are published covering Honours and Awards, Premium Bonds, Armed Forces Promotions and Re-gradings, Companies' information, etc. and a Quarterly Index.

In the 17th century, it was believed that National efficiency depended on the intelligence received by the Crown and that the reckless publishing of news might endanger it. An embargo on the printing of news other than reports of events abroad, natural disasters, Royal declarations and sensational crime continued until 1640. This had the effect of delaying the development of the press in the UK. Censorship was introduced in 1643, followed by licensing of news publications. The Gazette came about because of two momentous events: the Great Plague and the decision of King Charles II to remove his court - effectively the government of the time - to Oxford. The London Gazette started life as the Oxford Gazette and after a few months changed to its current title.


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